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GF Corn Muffins for the WIN!

First day of school eve= PREPARE FOR IMPACT😂🤣...tomorrow morning is going to come hard and fast, and I am *ready* with these quick & satisfying Krusteaz gluten free corn muffins (and you can be too🙌🏻).

I sub in #ripplemilk @ripplefoods & coconut oil for the milk & butter, for added protein and some healthy fat. I’ll serve these with a side of berries and a couple of slices of Wellshire Farms heat & eat uncured turkey bacon 🥓 and send them off to school 🚌 happy 😃 and on time ⏰ (🙏🏻).

🌟Also great to pop in the lunchbox or grab as an after school 🏫 snack🌟

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