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About GFSavvyMama


Me & my Celiac Teens!

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My littlest enjoying a GF treat


Hi! I'm Jamie Norris, a wife, busy Mom of 3 awesome kiddos and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in the Gluten Free diet. I have been on the Gluten Free journey for about 10 years. I have a 13 y/o Celiac multiple food allergies, a 15 y/o with a Gluten Intolerance since forever, who was finally confirmed Celiac last year, and 9 y/o gluten eating child who is SUPER picky. 

I love to cook, travel, ski, run, and spend time with my family and two French Bulldogs.  I am obsessed with ensuring that my kids don't miss out on their favorite foods, especially at holidays and special events. I find a way to make everything we love, gluten free and delicious and I am on a constant hunt for the best GF products and recipes!


On a constant mission toward healthy gluten free eating in a way that fits our busy (sometimes crazy!) lifestyle, I have accumulated a LOT of knowledge over the years. As more people are adopting a GF lifestyle due to Celiac, Gluten Intolerance or improved overall health, friends and family are consistently reaching out with questions on how to feed GF guests, what are the best products and ingredients, gluten “safe” restaurants, and how to “go gluten free” themselves. I truly LOVE finding new products and recipes for my family and friends and helping others on their GF journey.


In the early days for 2018, after leaving Corporate America and spending a year of soul searching, I decided to share my passion for feeding my gluten free family and the knowledge I had gained through hands on experience, to help others live their BEST GF Life. 


If you are living Gluten Free, have GF friends and family that you want to feed well, or are just interested in some really good and healthy recipes, you have come to the right place!


I spent 21 years in Management Consulting in the Financial Services industry....

14 years ago, I began a long and twisty journey with my daughter's chronic GI symptoms that we could not figure out the cause of

12 years ago I walked out of Boston Children's Hospital Allergy department with my 1 year old boy who was allergic to 7 of the top 8 allergens....


9 years ago, my *Iron Stomach* went waaay off the rails and I was diagnosed with SIBO....


5 years ago, I saw a Naturopath for the first time and finally nipped that SIBO by following the strictest of elimination diets....


24 months ago, I left my Management Consulting career, *still* not knowing what I wanted to be when I grow up....but feeling deeply that this wasn't the work I was meant to do forever....


About a year and a half ago, that boy (now 13) who had grown out of all but his nut allergy, was diagnosed with Celiac during routine blood work, and we finally confirmed my daughter's diagnosis....


My 3rd child has no allergies, but eats like, 5 things!...


12 months ago I started GFSavvyMama, a gluten free lifestyle blog....


7 months ago, I began a year long Health and Wellness Coaching certification program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition


And now, I am putting ALL of these life experiences together in the most personal and authentic way I know how, to serve the Celiac, and Gluten Free community ....


If you need to follow a Gluten Free or otherwise restricted diet, ask yourself this...are you eating to survive or are you eating to THRIVE?


I look forward to helping you and YOUR family live your BEST Gluten Free Life!


~Eat Well,


Jamie, GFSavvyMama

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