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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Welcome to GFSavvyMama; a lifestyle website blog and Facebook page designed to support individuals and families seeking to learn more about living a healthy and happy gluten free lifestyle.

I am a busy Mom of 3, and have been on the Gluten Free journey for about 10 years*. On a constant mission toward healthy gluten free eating in a way that fits our busy (sometimes crazy!) life, I have accumulated a LOT of knowledge over the years. As more people are adopting a GF lifestyle due to Celiac, Gluten Intolerance or general health, friends and family are consistently reaching out with questions on how to feed GF guests, what are the best products and ingredients, gluten “safe” restaurants, and how to “go gluten free” themselves. I truly LOVE finding new products and recipes for my family and friends and helping others on their GF journey. So, in this new year, I have decided to share my passion and knowledge more broadly. If you are living Gluten Free, have GF friends and family that you want to feed well, or are just interested in some really good and healthy recipes, please like and share my Facebook page @GFSavvyMama and subscribe to my blog at

UPDATE: I am expanding the scope of GFSavvyMama to help people realize a healthy Gluten Free lifestyle on an individual basis. I am offering one-on-one consulting services with customized plans that suit each client's individual needs, whether that Is to support their own Gluten Free journey, or to help support them as a caregiver to a gluten free family member or a full family.

Interested in learning more and understanding how I can help you? Message me on facebook @gfsavvymama or send me an email at for more info OR to set up your free consultation!


*More on my family – the reason I am so passionate!* ...

I am a busy mother of 3 with a 13 y/o Celiac (and nut & soy allergies), a 15 y/o with a Gluten Intolerance since forever, and recently confirmed Celiac, and 9 y/o Gluten eating child who is SUPER picky.

My husband and I have both adopted the GF lifestyle over the years as well for several reasons 1) to support the kids and 2) we both just felt better after cutting out gluten 3) I developed a chronic GI issue that the GF diet (and dairy free) has alleviated. We are super active, CONSTANTLY on the go, and a dinner party host’s worst nightmare ;). I do my best to feed this crew the freshest and healthiest meals I can, while meeting their specific dietary needs.

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