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GFSavvyMama Cooks: Skillet Enchiladas (Video)

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

WelI, I'm not *quite* ready for the Food Network 😂 (take a sip of your GF beer 🍺 every time I say Ummmm or Like!), but I am trying my hand at cooking videos as a fun & interactive way to share great GF recipes with you! Thanks to my 9 year old son for being my camera man & editor!

Looking for a quick, easy Gluten Free, one pan dinner? Check out this recipe for Skillet Enchiladas from (link below)...These were REALLY delicious and got a thumbs up from my family. Full disclosure, they were skeptical at first about the zucchini, but agreed they couldn't even taste it with all of the flavor in this dish.

Click on the video below to watch me make this recipe - you will see just how easy it is to cook healthy, gluten free meals for you and your family!

A couple of additional hacks:

* If you want to avoid chopping...Buy pre-diced onion and peppers and/or other veggies from the produce section of your grocery store. * You can sub in/out any of the veggies so add your favorites and leave out anything you don't like! * Add shredded chicken, beef or tofu to amp up the protein * Use canned or packaged Enchilada Sauce (check that it is GF).

Here's a link to the original recipe for Vegetarian Enchiladas (I added chicken to mine):

Link to Instapot Shredded Chicken:

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