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Fajita Night!

Yesterday’s wildly warm weather in greater Boston called for something reminiscent of summertime fun for dinner!

This meal fit my usual criteria for a family dinner...1)no complicated recipe 2) lots of flavor 3) simple, whole, naturally gf ingredients without needing a lot of substitutions...

I used a homemade fajita seasoning from Don't Go Bacon My Heart but if you can find a packaged fajita seasoning that’s GF then go for the shortcut- no judgement here 😜

I sprinkled the seasoning mix over the meat and added 3 tbsp olive oil and fresh lime juice (1 lime) and let it marinate for about 30 min (longer is fine too!) while I chopped and cooked the peppers and onions in my cast iron pan until they were soft and slightly charred.

Remove the veggies, add a tbsp or two of olive oil to the pan and and cook the marinated meat. I did the chicken 🐔 first, then the beef 🥩.

I warmed Udis Gluten Free flour tortillas on a hot griddle sprayed with cooking oil and served with guacamole (pre-made Calavo brand from Stop & Shop Supermarket to save time), shredded cheddar cheese and Late July Organic Snacks salsa.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled season, WINTER 🥶❄️

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