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Rosh Hashanah Dinner: A Sweet GF New Year

For my fellow GF Jews, I thought I would share my menu for Rosh Hashanah Dinner. You don't have to be celebrating the Jewish New Year to enjoy these recipes though - they are also just great Fall fare!

Have a sweet (GF) New Year!

🍎Chicken Soup (Instapot!)

I love this chicken soup and it is SUCH a time saver to make it in the Instapot. My Nana's recipe used to take me days and not even our family Patriarch (my father in law) knows the difference! I sub GF Noodles / Pasta, Rice, or GF Matzah balls and I used apple cider vinegar instead of soy sauce. I suggest making this at least a day ahead so that it can cool enough to skim the fat.

This dish is a modern spin on the traditional Rosh Hash fare. The use if pomegranate being the significant & symbolic the Jewish religion it is often associated with prosperity and fertility.

This is just an all around great side for fall, or you can make it a main by adding your protein of choice!)

The weather is still super nice here in New England some I'm actually planning to grill this salmon instead of baking it!

For this GF Kugel I use Jovial Gluten Free Egg Tagaliatelle and it holds up really well. Bonus: there's no refined sugar 👍

It's not a Jewish holiday without the Challah!

Root veggies scream fall and I love the simplicity and spice in this version of the traditional dish.

🍎Gluten Free Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream from #WhatTheForkFoodBlog

Last be sure to read through the details here as the key is to use FRESH apples and a mix between sweet & tart. Shay advises which ones are the best to bake with! We are going planning to pick some 🍎 from our local farm this weekend!

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