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Perfectly Portable GF Energy bites (nut free too!)

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

So it's Columbus Day weekend and we all know what that means for're either headed into an insanely busy sports tournament weekend (Soccer here!), or you are headed on a road trip. Either way, your kids will need portable snacks to get them through the weekend (and let's face it, us grown ups will too!). These GF Energy bites are easy to make and super portable. The perfect little healthy treat between games or to satisfy those car ride munchies!

Another awesome GF Mama shared this recipe with me (from and I was SUPER excited to make it for this weekend. With whole ingredients, protein and no refined sugar - except for the chocolate chips, which you can leave out of course, but I wouldn't ;). The original recipe calls for peanut butter, but since my son has a nut allergy, I subbed in Sunbutter and it worked out great. For the oats I used I highly recommend toasting the dry ingredients as directed as it really enhances the flavor.

INGREDIENTS: I used my favorite Purity Protocol Oats from GF Harvest and Sun Butter instead of Peanut butter to make these Nut Free

The is what the dry ingredients look like after you toast them. You can skip this step to make this a no-bake recipe, but it does enhance the flavor.

The batter after all ingredients are mixed together - you will want to just eat it with a spoon!

Rolled and ready to cool down in the fridge

Ready to take on the road / to the field, and plenty leftover to throw in lunchboxes!

Link to recipe :



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