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Introducing Savvy Health & Wellness!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I have been sitting on some “news” since the summer. I started to write about my ten year journey with gut health back in August, with plans to share more, but with all that is going on in the world, and the impacts to our daily lives, the timing just hasn’t seemed quite right to talk about it. Coupled with the fact that my kids home WAY more than they have been since pre-school, let’s just say my time has not been focused on my “life’s work”. Mostly, I am focused on getting us through each day, keeping us well fed, healthy and in good spirits, which as you all know involves a LOT of mental energy and so many snack breaks. Who else feels like they could run the school cafeteria?

In lieu of blog posts and business development, between snack and meal prep and virtual school support, I have used my minimal free time each day to sneak in (social distant) outdoor exercise with a friend. I think we have walked or run our same 5 mile loop about a million times over the past nine months, and while it has kept me fit, the mental health benefits of fresh air, and chat time with a person outside of my household are immeasurable. So that’s what I have been up to, and I am sure many of you can relate to having to put your own “Stuff” on hold to care for your family in such trying times.

This summer, I read a book called “The Rain Barrel Effect” written by renowned Boston-based

Functional Medicine doctor, Stephen Cabral. Not your typical breezy summer read! I spent the last weeks of summer soaking in as much of this amazing wellness

book as my brain could handle. What I learned set me off on a new course of study with Dr Cabral's Integrative Health Practitioner program (IHP) beginning in September. I feel that this training, coupled with my certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, will ensure I can bring the best health and wellness knowledge to my clients.

I was fortunate to find Dr. Cabral 5 years ago when I was already several years into my gut health journey. I was desperately seeking relief after relapsing bacterial overgrowth in my intestines, and searching for answers. Conventional medicine had seemingly failed me. After researching alternative forms of medicine I was fortunate to find Dr. Cabral’s naturopathic medicine practice. I worked with him at his private practice in Boston over many months to find my way back to feeling well, and to understand the root causes of what landed me in the situation in the first place. While costly, it was worth it. Dr. Cabral and his gut health protocol truly set me on the right path to regaining not only gut health, but overall wellness.

All of his best thinking and practices are now summarized and accessible to everyone. Cost is no longer a barrier for entry to achieving wellness. As I work toward my IHP level 1 and 2 certification, I am building the knowledge to help people achieve their wellness goals for a fraction of what it cost me to achieve mine. Whether you are struggling with gut health, need a simple “reset” to get you back on track to eating well, achieving restful sleep, immune support, understanding food sensitivities, and so much more, I can help. In addition, as an Ambassador to the EquiLife brand of functional medicine testing and supplements, I can direct you to the best products available to meet your wellness needs, and support you with a personalized plan for you to achieve your wellness goals.

Two decades of Management Consulting ingrained in me not to roll something out before all possible paths and permutations were worked out, technology integrated, marketing plans developed, all potential risk mitigated etc etc. I realize now as a momtrepreneur, that if I waited for all of that, for everything to be perfect, whelp, I’d never get around to launching much of anything! So with a big leap of faith, I proudly introduce Savvy Health & Wellness, a

natural expansion of the personal consultative services that I currently offer through GFSavvyMama. My hope is to serve a broader audience beyond (but still including!) those needing to follow a gluten free diet.

GFSavvyMama will continue on as usual, so you can still expect to see my favorite recipes, new GF product finds, restaurant recommendations and the latest news impacting the Celiac and Gluten Free community.

Stay tuned for more details this week! If you have any questions or want to learn more about Savvy Health & Wellness, the 7 Day Detox Protocol (my favorite way to "RESET"), or any of the great supplement and wellness support products EquiLife has to offer, message me!

Check out the Cabral Detox here and don't just take my word for it, read the reviews!

Click here to set up your Free Virtual Consultation

In the meantime, follow me at Savvy Health & Wellness so you don’t miss a beat!

~In good health,


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